Camera modification for astro imaging Updated on:  10 Aug 2020


Original internal low pass filter (LPF) blocks about 75% of H-Alpha light, and so this filter needs to be removed such that more H-Alpha light can be captured.


Types of modification:

1. LPF removed and replaced with Baader ACF/BCF filter, keeping front dust removal filter 

2. LPF removed, keeping front dust removal filter 

3. Both LPF and front dust removal filters removed (full spectrum), external UV/IR block filter required

   (Due to CMOS adjustment limit, infinity focus MAY NOT be obtained for using camera lens)

4. LPF removed and replaced with Baader ACF/BCF filter, front dust removal filter also removed


** Some cameras may not have separated dust removal filter, so need to use modification option #4


Baader ACF/ BCF filters (same as L filter)


ACF I filter, #2459211, for Canon 300D ... HK$560 (in stock 現貨)

ACF II filter, #2459212, for Canon 350D, 10D, 20D, 30D ... HK$640 (accepting order 接受订货)

ACF III filter, #2459214, for Canon 5D ... HK$690 (in stock 現貨)

BCF filter, #2459213, for all APS-C cameras ... HK$520 (in stock 現貨)

BCF2 filter, #2459214A, for all full frame cameras  ... HK$620 (in stock 現貨)


Service charge for LPF removal or replacement (Baader ACF/BCF filter cost not included):

APS-C camera ... HK$580

Full frame camera ... HK$680


Camera modification for Infra-red imaging

Remove all filters infront of CMOS, then install one of the below infra-red pass internal filter (filter cost not included):

* Standard infrared (720nm)

* Enhanced infrared (665nm)

* Super color infrared (590nm)

* Super blue infrared

* Deep black & white infrared (830nm)

** Click here for infra-red photo details


** Please ask if you need more details