Other mount / accessories   Updated on: 18 Apr 2018


Track The Star, TTS-160 Panther Alt-Az mount system (accepting order 接受订货)


- Made in Denmark


CRUX mini . . . HK$33,200 (accepting order 接受订货)


- Portable harmonic drive EQ mount, zero backlash, weight 2.5kg

- 4kg optimal loading without counterweight

- BT wireless control, RS232, USB and guider port

- Made in South Korea


Lacerta MGEN-II autoguider . . . HK$5,080 (in stock 現貨)


- Autoguider camera with remote and stand alone functions

- High sensitivity SONY ICX279AL-E CCD sensor

- With USB, autoguide and car DC12V cables


Lunatic Seletek Armadillo 2 controller . . . HK$1,990 (in stock 現貨)


- Focusing,  rotating and filter wheel managing, up to two motors at the same time 

- Work with FocusMax, MaximDL, CCDCommander, ACP, CCD AutoPilot and any ASCOM aware astronomy software

- Robofocus motor compatible


Solar viewing shade . . . HK$10 (in stock 現貨)


- Made in USA


 Lodestar/Superstar autoguide cable . . . HK$100 (in stock 現貨)


- One piece cable, no inter-connection

- Please specify model of EQ mount


Takahashi T2M autoguide cable . . . HK$90 (in stock 現貨)


- For new Takahashi EM11/200/400 T2M EQ mounts autoguide port

- 5 core cable for RA+, RA-, DEC+, DEC- control

- Please specify model of guider

- Cable length up to your choice (maximum 82")


Spacers for T2 thread / Borg system


- To optimize the image quality while using reducer/flattener

- Two diameter sizes:

 * 42mm inner diameter, 60mm outer diameter

 * 50mm inner diameter, 58mm outer diameter

  0.5mm thick (stainless steel) . . . HK$29 (in stock 現貨)

  1.0mm thick (anodized aluminum) . . . HK$29 (in stock 現貨)

  2.0mm thick (anodized aluminum) . . . HK$29 (in stock 現貨) 



Green laser pointer . . . HK$80 (in stock 現貨)



Lumicon    Deep Sky filter (1.25") . . . HK$780 (in stock 現貨)


Stainless steel counterweight


- Outer diameter 80mm

- Plastic insert lock screw end, prevents shaft from scratching

- Ø18mm bore hole, can be enlarged to bigger sizes upon request

* 1kg . . . HK$310 (in stock 現貨)

* 1.5kg  . . . HK$350 (back ordered 訂貨中)

* 2kg  . . . HK$390 (back ordered 訂貨中)


Pair type tube rings (inner diameter upon your choice)


- Machined from 1/2" thick solid 6061 grade aluminum (or other thicknesses for larger sizes)

- Stainless steel hinge/nut/stud

- 1mm thick felt inner surface, protect OTA tube

- Five M6 mounting holes: center, 60mm & 80mm apart (other locations/thread sizes upon request)

- 90mm bottom & top width (other widths upon request)

- Bottom and top platform plates also available (length upon your choice)

- Black Delrin material thumb knob not shown in photo


SBIG CCD camera lens adapters

EOS lens to SBIG STL11000 adapter  . . HK$290 (in stock 現貨)


- Directly install on STL housing (need to remove front accessory plate)

- #6-32 mounting screws included


EOS lens to SBIG ST-8300 adapter (used with FW5/FW8 filter wheel in place)  . . HK$590 (in stock 現貨)



QHY8 adapters

Baader MPCC to QHY8 (M42 x 0.75) adapter (back focus matched)

  (HK$50) (in stock 現貨)

Can be used as M42 x 0.75 extension tube

2" outer diameter, can also be used as 2" nose piece for T2 ocular


EOS / Nikon lens to QHY CCD adapter (back focus matched) . . . HK$280


Extension tubes (special price: HK$30 per set) (in stock 現貨)


- Black anodized aluminum, 3 pieces per set (7mm, 14mm and 28mm)

- Available sizes: M57 x 0.75 and M60 x 0.75 (fit for Borg / Vixen system)


2" nose piece to EOS or Nikon body adapter . . . HK$180 (in stock 現貨)


Large image circle

With M48 thread for 2" filter


2" nose piece to T2 (M42 x 0.75) adapter . . . HK$90 (in stock 現貨)


- With M48 thread for 2" filter


Control cables

Autoguide cables: Takahashi / Vixen SS2K / QHY / SBIG / StarlightXpress . . . HK$80

Takahashi Temma RS232 (GOTO) cable . . . HK$80

Takahashi Temma 2M autoguide cable . . . HK$90


Prices subjected to change without notice