Lens2scope eyepiece for camera lens   Updated on: 21 Dec 2023


* Special price *

Eyepiece for Canon and Sony Alpha lenses . . . HK$190




  • Focal length: 10mm
  • Maximum aperture: 1:2 on axis; Minimum 1:4 through field of View
  • Lens construction: 5 elements in 3 groups
  • Prism system: Roof Prism
  • Apparent field of view: 42 degrees
  • Maximum exit pupil: 2.5mm
  • Eye relief: 20mm with foldable eyecup for glass wear observation.
  • Spotting scope magnification ratio: 1/10X the focal length of the lens mounted.
  • Loupe magnification ratio: 25X when the lens mounted has 1:1 macro ratio.
  • Focus & Zoom adjustment: By camera lens
  • Dioptry change: -5D to +3D through camera lens focus compensation
  • Dimensions: Straight: Length 18 x Width 8 x Height 9 cm
    Angled: Length 18 x Width 8 x Height 11cm
  • Weight: Approximately 185 grams
  • Tripod mount: Detachable tripod mount for light weight lens only

Available models:

* Canon EF (EF-S) straight, black color (in stock 現貨)

* Canon EF (EF-S) straight, white color (in stock 現貨)

* Sony Alpha straight/angled, black color (in stock 現貨)