Updated on 04 Sep 2023


LPS-D1/D2/D3/P2/P3/V4/NB1/NBZ filters

- Suppresses the emission lines of mercury and sodium lamps while maximizing transmission of lights from planets and stars


NB series Nubula Booster filters

NBZ (Dual - OIII, Hα), 2.5mm thickness


NBZ-48, 48mm mounted ... HK$2,250 (in stock 現貨)

NBZ-52, 52mm mounted ... HK$2,450 (in stock 現貨)

NBZ-48 UHS, f/1.8 to f/2.8, 48mm mounted ... HK$2,250 (in stock 現貨)

NBZ-52 UHS, f/1.8 to f/2.8, 52mm mounted ... HK$2,380 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


NB1 (Triple - Hβ+OIII, Hα)


NB1-36U, 36mm unmounted, 1.1mm thickness ... HK$1,380 (in stock 現貨)

NB1-Z, 42mm mounted for ZWO/QHY camera, 1.1mm thickness ... HK$1,420 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

NB1-48, 48mm mounted, 2.5mm thickness ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)

NB1-52, 52mm mounted, 2.5mm thickness ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)

NB1-EOSII for Canon APS-C ... HK$1,640 (in stock 現貨)

NB1-EOSRP for Canon RP ... HK$2,190 (in stock 現貨)


NB2 (Dual - OIII, Hα), require extra IR block filter


NB2-48mm mounted ... HK$1,090 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

NB2-52mm mounted ... HK$1,090 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


NB3 (Dual - OIII, SII), require extra IR block filter

NB3-52mm mounted ... HK$1,090 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

ODW-48 clear filter ... HK$750 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

ODW-49U unmounted clear filter ... HK$750 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

ODW-52 clear filter ... HK$750 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


** Click HERE for D1/D2/P2/V4 measured spectrum details

LPS-D1 filters (special price)

LPS-D1-52mm mounted ... HK$760 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-62mm mounted ... HK$2,050 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-72mm mounted ... HK$2,140 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-77mm mounted ... HK$2,230 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-82mm mounted ... HK$2,290 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-EOS (Clip filter, for EOS APS-C) ... HK$580 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-D2 filters (special price)

LPS-D2-36mm unmounted ... HK$780 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-48mm mounted ... HK$880 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-52mm mounted ... HK$880 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-EOS for Canon APS-C ... HK$780 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-EOS RP for Canon RP ... HK$980 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-D3 filters

LPS-D3-36U, 36mm unmounted, 1.1mm thickness ... HK$1,420 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D3-Z, 42mm mounted for ZWO/QHY camera ... HK$1,450 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D3-48, 48mm mounted ... HK$1,420 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D3-52, 52mm mounted ... HK$1,420 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D3-EOSII for Canon APS-C, 1.1mm thickness ... HK$1,590 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D3-50.8 for filter wheel, 2.5mm thickness ... HK$1,520 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


LPS-P2 filters (special price)

LPS-P2-52mm mounted ... HK$760 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-P3 filters



LPS-P3-36U, 36mm unmounted, 1.1mm thickness ... HK$1,350 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P3-Z, 42mm mounted for ZWO/QHY camera ... HK$1,650 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P3-48, 48mm mounted ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P3-52, 52mmmm mounted ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P3-EOSII for Canon APS-C ... HK$1,650 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P3-50.8 for filter wheel, 2.5mm thickness ... HK$1,650 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


LPS-V4 nebula filters (special price)

LPS-V4-37mm mounted ... HK$380 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-EOS (for EOS APS-C) ... HK$380 (in stock 現貨)


Other filters

BE410 Mars filter, 28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,190 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


MFA, 37mm filter frame only for Canon APS-C

37mm filter holder frame ... HK$100 (in stock 現貨)


** Please ask for other IDAS filters