Updated on 20 Aug 2019


LPS-D1/D2/P2/V4/NB/NGS1 filters

- Suppresses the emission lines of mercury and sodium lamps while maximizing transmission of lights from planets and stars

** Click HERE for measured spectrum details


NB1 Nubula Booster filters


NB1-48mm mounted ... HK$1,780 (in stock 現貨)

NB1-52mm mounted ... HK$1,780 (in stock 現貨)

NB2-52mm mounted ... HK$1,640 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

NB3-52mm mounted ... HK$1,640 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


NGS1 Night Glow Suppression filters

48mm mounted ... HK$1,450 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

52mm mounted ... HK$1,450 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


LPS-D1 filters for color sensor

LPS-D1-28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,240 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-37mm mounted ... HK$790 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,240 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-52mm mounted ... HK$1,240 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-58mm mounted ... HK$1,590 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-62mm mounted ... HK$2,160 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-67mm mounted ... HK$2,300 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-72mm mounted ... HK$2,390 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-77mm mounted ... HK$2,560 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-82mm mounted ... HK$2,680 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-MFF-S2 (for Sony A7 series) ... (sold out, 售完)

LPS-D1-MFA (Clip filter, for EOS APS-C) ... HK$1,330 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-MFF-C2 (Clip filter, for EOS 5D mark II and 6D) ... HK$1,960 (in stock 現貨)

* LPS-D1-37mm plus MFA frame for EOS APS-C camera ... $890 (in stock 現貨)

(Same function as LPS-D1-EOS, only the filter and frame can be separated)


LPS-D2 filters for color sensor

LPS-D2-MFA (clip filter, APS-C) ... HK$1,520 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-MFF-C2 (Clip filter, 5D mark II and 6D) ... HK$2,230 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D2-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,450 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D2-52mm mounted ... HK$1,450 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-P2 filters for mono sensor

LPS-P2-28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,340 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P2-31mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,380 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P2-36mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,380 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P2-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,280 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P2-50mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,380 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P2-52mm mounted ... HK$1,280 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P2-82mm mounted ... HK$1,980 (special price, in stock 現貨)


LPS-V4 nebula filters

LPS-V4-37mm mounted ... HK$790 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$980 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-52mm mounted ... HK$980 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-MFA (for EOS APS-C) ... HK$1,180 (special price, in stock 現貨)

* LPS-V4-37mm plus MFA frame, EOS APS-C clip filter ... HK$890 (in stock 現貨)

(Same function as LPS-V4-EOS, only the filter and frame can be separated)


MFA, 37mm filter frame only for Canon APS-C

EOS APS-C 37mm filter holder ring ... HK$190 (in stock 現貨)


Clip filters for Nikon DSLR cameras

LPS-D1-N2 (D5000) ... HK$1,320 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-N3 (D5100) ... HK$1,320 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-N4 (D7000/D7100/D7200) ... HK$1,320 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-N5 (D5300/D5500) ... HK$1,320 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-N6 (D5200) ... HK$1,320 (accepting order 接受訂貨)


** Please ask for other IDAS filters